Measuring the performance of a website is a key factor that any business or company should consider. At FDC, we understand the importance of Analytical knowledge and how it facilitates better Organic SEO.


Demographic data helps us recognise which regional search engines have been used to locate your website. With this information we can analyse where the traffic is coming from and better understand the requirements of your product or service in other countries.

User behaviour

Appreciating the behaviour of your visitors can identify opportunities and trends such as the New:Returning visitor ratio, Engagement process and the Click path analysis. By analysing how people are navigating within a website we can understand the effectiveness of your site layout and how people use it.


With over 50% of all internet browsing done through mobile devices, it’s important to know how visitors are accessing your site. Promoting a mobile site as well as a standard site is becoming an increasingly significant factor of success.

Site Navigation

Simple navigation is fundamental in providing a great visitor experience. Through site navigation analysis we can assess how your visitor’s journey through your website and what we need to improve to make it easier for them to see the information they need, quicker. We can also assess where they enter the website and where they drop off, meaning we have an insight into which pages of your website are optimised and which need improving.

Traffic Sources

Through Analytics we can measure exactly where your visitors are coming from. Affiliations between traders or service providers can become long lasting business relationships, which is why this information is vital. With Analytics we can measure the volume of traffic and its source so you can better build relationships and form online partnerships.


By knowing the visit duration, page depth and page views your website receives, we can better comprehend the quality of information being provided. Understanding user interaction enables us to measure the performance and engagement of your site.

Search Terms

Every website should provide great content to deliver the right information to visitors; therefore it’s important to know what keywords your visitors are entering into search engines to find your website or the service you provide. Through Search Term Analytics we obtain a clear list of the top search terms your customers are entering to find your pages. With this we can optimise your website for these specific terms so it can be easily found for both the terms searched for and similar phrases or keywords.

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