Alex Chatzimikes

Job Title
Creative Director
Area of Expertise
Web, Graphic and 3D Design, Email Marketing.
Home Town
Athens, Greece
Relevant Qualifications
BSc Product Design (HONS); MSc Integrated Industrial Design

Fluent in Greek, French, and English, Alex co-founded FDC in 2007 with Dale Moreton. Holding degrees in product and integrated industrial design, Alex heads up the studio team and is responsible as Creative Director for the delivery of our web development and creative design projects.

Having worked previously as a freelance designer for some of the world's biggest brands, Alex draws on his extensive experience to oversee design projects that communicate our clients' brand qualities in a way that is marketing focussed and business driven.

Alex's team handles a variety of web and creative design projects across a variety of industry verticals. To find out how we can help your business shine, send us a brief, or call us on 0116 4 244 244.

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